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There are naturally highs and lows in life. Often times we embrace the highs because well duh who doesn’t like to feel good?? I’m not saying to embrace the lows to the point of no return BUT understand that the lows remind you to be appreciative of those high moments. I’m forever a work in progress. I’ve gotta let go of the idea that things will be set in stone. Life’s twists and turns will remain fluid and I’m a-okay with that.

My new goal for the rest of the year and my life really, is to be okay with what each day brings. Whether the day brings a high or a low, I’m going to plant my feet in the soil of those moments and embrace life regardless. I am going to remember that life isn’t always all that bad. I can choose to stay stuck in the lows or find some highs.

There is always joy tucked somewhere beneath the surface that you may not openly see. Find that joy, embrace it and keep right on pushing. Of course there will be moments where I may feel so low that it’ll be hard to embrace life but I will be patient with myself and allow that feeling to have its moment. Then once that feeling passes, I can continue on with the highs.

One of the ways I choose to embrace life everyday is by finding a song that brings me joy. I’m always discussing how much music means to me and honestly it’s one of my favorite gifts from God’s creations. With that said, I want to start implementing a song into certain posts to help bring you all some joy as well. It also helps motivate me to write more when music is playing so you’ll have an idea of what music inspires me.

Anyways, today I share with you a classic ballad by the high priestess of soul herself, the Queen Nina Simone. It’s one of those songs you can expect to hear in pretty much any movie across any genre.

That upbeat feel to it just makes you wanna grab life by the shoulders and show it who’s boss. It’s also said to be one of the songs that are able to raise your vibrational levels and literally pick your mood right back up. Check out this article that discusses music that can raise your vibrational energy and how it happens too. Energy is a powerful thing y’all. Be careful with the energy you’re picking up or putting down in the world. 

P.S. I choose that photo as my featured image because that was a day I was choosing to embrace life fully and it brings me joy when I see it 

Serenity, Smiles & Positive Vibes,



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