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Hey Splendid Souls!

My name is Sophonie Milord. I am an all around creative with a passion for inspiring and entertaining the world through my acting, writing & other forms of media. Join me on my continued journey of walking in my purpose. On this site you will certainly find anything from a few laughs, maybe a few tears but most importantly, lots of positive vibes. So kick up your feet, grab a drink, and stay a while.

A Word From Sophonie

After years of not being able to fully express myself, in my mid-twenties I have finally found the true rhythm to the beat of my life: Inspiring, educating and entertaining the world through the arts.

I have always enjoyed writing but never knew just how much of it I could share with the world. As a kid, my writing was personal. My journals were my safe spaces. It never occurred to me that my poetry, my stories, songs and essays could move people in various ways. I thought my writing was simply a gift to me from God to help me get past the pain I experienced from school and home (familial issues).

Eventually I began writing as a way to make money through my old freelance business, Splendid Writing Services which I ran for about 2 years but shut down late last year. I enjoyed helping people make and/or edit their resumes but hated not being able to have fun with my writing. Freelancing was far too rigid for me.

Also, I never knew my writing could bring so much happiness or healing to others. I also never knew that I could transform that same energy from my writing into visual arts and media to convey the messages of my heart in an even broader manner.

Well now I know and it is time for me to push past the pen in order to take the ink to new heights. I will always be a writer but my art has expanded beyond that into acting, podcasting, being a youtuber and low key a social media influencer.

Even with all of these crowns upon my head, I will always be at the core…Just Sophonie.

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