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I Write, Therefore I Am

Today I woke up with a certain fire under my behind to simply get going. Without a specific direction or idea, but simply to make my bed, fix breakfast and go. While eating breakfast I found five words constantly playing in my mind. “I write, therefore I am.” I’ve seen this quote quite a bit…

religious trauma pt. 1

I remember starting to blog about 7 years or so and my goal was to be as transparent as possible. Somewhere along the lines, I retreated back to my old ways of mincing my words for the comfort of others. I have decided to stop that today. As of lately, I have not been feeling…

re-Discovering Sophonie

The journey of healing is one that is constant, just as life is. So long as we are alive, I believe we have the opportunity to continue healing and ultimately grow. I may not fully understand this phase of my life but I guess that is the focal point of it.

my 70’s themed 27th birthday PHOTO SHOOT

I have always been in love with older music and the aesthetics as well. Being that my birthday lands in June for Black Music Month I was inspired to do a shoot that was in sync with my favorite number #7 but also in line with me turning 27. So I gathered my two creative…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Sophonie. I became a digital content creator in 2014. My writing has been featured in HerCampus, Psych2Go, She.Is.Splendid Blog and L’Union Suite. Currently I am a Writer, Actress, and Creative Entrepreneur. When I’m not creating , you can find me doing yoga, praying or taking solo walks in the park. I enjoy writing about mental health, self love, and inspiration.

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